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MPSC Recruitment 2010 | MPSC Recruitment

MPSC Recruitment 2010 | MPSC Recruitment

Job description provides a detailed information on what is expected from the candidate after joining. The main objective of providing a job description to the candidate at the time of recruiting or at the time of interview is; listing out the duties and responsibilities of the post that the candidate is applying for. Why is it important to share it with a person who is not even a confirmed employee as yet? Well, making the candidate aware of the job description helps the candidate understand and make a decision on whether he/ she is fit for the job, whether they possess all the qualifications and skills that are required for the job application and whether they can or are capable to undertake all the stated duties and responsibilities.Imagine, only job openings and the job post being published in the advertisements and web portals without the job description. It would cause so much of confusion amongst the potential candidates and will indeed be a complicated process for the hiring team. Now, one might argue that if the job applications are required for the post of a manager, then obviously all managers will apply; which is true. However, the duties of a manager (or for any other post for that matter) differs from company to company and not defining them might lead to disputes and conflicts amongst the employees and the employers in future. Have a look at the job description template sample in the article to understand the way in which it is written.Recruitment is an important function of the company, because its effectiveness will effect the final output of the company and indirectly the profit ratios. Recruitment is the process of getting the right people for the right jobs.

Even though the market is full of human resource, it is not an easy task to zero in on the right people for the vacancy in hand. As and when vacancies arise, recruiters begin their search for the right employee to fill that space. Recruiters have their own set of recruiting tips that they keep in mind while recruiting people. They conduct telephonic interviews, online tests and a series of interviews to narrow down their search. Read more on how to find and hire the right employee. The aim is to select the best at optimum cost. Recruiting can be a very tricky process and loopholes in the recruitment system can conduce to unnecessary expenses for the employer. One abort (when a person gets selected and fails to join) or if an employee leaves shortly after joining, calls for conduction of the entire recruitment cycle for that one vacancy. This is a waste of money, time and energy. The best thing to do is get the right employee by being sharp and witty. Below are some recruiting tips for employers and recruiters. Read more on recruitment process steps. Search for Candidates Suddenly there arises a vacancy that you are asked to close within a day! What do you do? Where do you look for candidates. There is no time to put it up on the employee referral portal and wait! In such situations rush to job portals or job forums. Even consultancies come to the rescue. Quickly check for the basic qualification requirements and call them up as soon as possible. One tip while selecting people in this initial stage is to be cautious and alert. Read the resume properly, because if the post specifically calls for a computer engineer or anybody who has done engineering in electronics you need to get them only. Due to negligence you even include mechanical engineer in the list and he comes and gives the test, clears and sits for the interview till when the interviewer finally finds out you allowed him to reach the interview stage despite him being a mechanical engineer, you will be in a soup. Thus, be alert while sifting! Get Clear Idea About the Post It is crucial for a recruiter to have a thorough understanding of the post in question. As a recruiter, you need to be well informed about the job description, salary range, job timings, career growth in that field, etc. before contacting the candidate. Since recruiters are the face of the company to fresh candidates, it is important to build your company’s impression. Lack of knowledge about the job and its requirements will put off the candidate, which can prove to be a loss to your company. Read more on recruiting strategies. Telephonic Interview Tips Once the basic requirements are met, call the candidate up and conduct a telephone interview. From the tone of the employee you can find out to some extent how confident the person is. Ask several questions related to their academic field. If you are recruiting engineers, you need to know some common terms, theories or concepts that they study during their course. It’s alright if you do not understand anything. What you have to check here is the spontaneity and confidence with which the candidate answers. Since the candidate does not know you know nothing, he mostly will tell the truth if he does not know the answer or will stammer and stutter. During a telephonic interview you need to explicitly clarify what the job calls for, the salary range, job location and job timings. Later on you do not want any confusion pertaining to these simple issues. If there is any disagreement, try olving it or else look for another candidate. Test Tips If you are satisfied with the conversation you had with the candidate over the telephone, then schedule him or her for a test. Each company has their own test format to assess the knowledge base of the candidates aspiring to join them. The test results will give you a better idea of how suitable a candidate is for the job. If you have 10 candidates writing the test for one post, some will fail the test. They can be immediately sent home. From the rest, choose five candidates for the interview stage. If you have 8 candidates who have passed and want to choose five from them, check the scores. Often tests comprise sections. Candidates who have scored more or less the same in all sections are stable and strong in the required fields. Give a second preference to a candidate who has scored really high in one section and poorly in the other. Interview Tips Once these five candidates have been scheduled for the interview, the narrowing process gets intense. You need only one candidate and have five to choose from, thus, you need to be really wise. Interview all of them. Points to be checked at the interview stage are confidence, team spirit, impressive personality, the right attitude, the willingness to learn and work and honesty. Check if the person is bragging or telling fibs. A braggart or dishonest person is not what your company needs. Moreover, check for the long term prospects. Is the candidate planning to stick to the job for a long period of time? Is he willing to live in the given location? Based on these factors select the most suitable employee for your company.

Apple Recruiter Video

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Recruiting power

Recruiting power

Most of the companies have finally come to realize that their greatest asset is the brains sitting behind the desks. Human Resources department does not exist for employee benefits or paying salaries – it really takes care of the most important resource of the company.

Usually you notice these things too late. Someone has been waiting for a raise or a promotion for a long time or just otherwise frustrated at work and then gets a job offer from a competitor with huge benefits and smiling clerks. This is nothing new, it’s happening on a regular basis. It happened to me last week.

Recruiting power out of your competitor camp is always smart. You get some business insight – there is one less place where the employee could go if bored at the new work and probably better salary than in the older company.

When I was being recruited last week it all felt very nice and the stories they were telling, really had an effect on me. Working environment and tools are almost the same as my previous job. Here as well the financial management (in Finnish: taloushallinto) is smartly done with ProCountor – which makes my job a whole lot more easier and makes it possible for the business to close to real time monitor their expenses.

When recruiting it is very important to make the new comer feel at home from the day one. If there is an atmosphere of mistrust or competitiveness already from the beginning it might kill ones creativity.

All kinds of groups within a unit might also seem like a bad group of kids for the new comer if they don’t open up.

Recruiting itself might be the toughest job there is.

Good people don’t grow in trees and finding one who also should not have a job or be extremely unhappy in their current job might take a while. But when you do find the right one and you clearly get the moment you was looking for, the feeling usually catches the new comer as well. Human Resources have many skills in mapping the most suitable candidates but you have to remember to keep the Human perspective a bit higher than the Resource at all times.

For get more information about taloushallinto, Please visits our website.

Social Recruiting: Is Your Company Using the Power That Is Social Media? | SilkRoad Video

Social Recruiting: Is Your Company Using the Power That Is Social Media? | SilkRoad Video

The question for today’s company is no longer ” How are you going to get our attention,” you should be thinking “How are we going to get your attention.” Start speaking the language of social media, and keep your candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process, so when it’s time to hire, you can find the perfect person for the job. Is your company using the power that is social media? It’s easier than you think. Visit today to request a live demo of SilkRoad’s OpenHire!
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Recruitment Tips

Recruitment Tips

All of us at least one time during our life face with situation when we are applying for a job. In that case it’s very important to know how is it better to start, what steps should we do, & so on. We can try to find work different ways: in newspapers, employment agencies or with the help of our friends – but when at last we find something we are interested in we start thinking how we can get this job. & the first step on the way to the work of our dream is resume & letter of application. It is a vital part of the job search strategy. You must develop your resume & a letter of application to accompany your resume for jobs that you may seek. It is an orderly summary of your background data, & should be designed to contribute to your overall persuasive effort. The idea here is to target your resume so the employer feels that your qualifications are a perfect match for the job opening. Like a resume, a letter of application shouldn’t be too long. It is designed to introduce you to the reader & slants your background more precisely to a particular job that does the all-around chronological resume. Because it is a reflection of you, it should be prepared with great care. You shouldn’t forget that the main purpose of resume & the letter of application is to get you an interview.

So next step is interview. It is important to be well prepared for the interview. Most interviews last 30 minutes or less & that time may be the most important in your life. During that time you must make a positive impression. This is your opportunity to show an employer that you have skills necessary or help them solve their problems. You should be able to reduce your anxiety & demonstrate competence & confidence in the interview situation by preparing for the interview.

Being prepared for the interview mean that you should know what interviewer will want from you & also what do you want from interviewer. It is to your advantage to ask probing questions about company or to seek clarification or points that reveal you have done your homework. In addition it’s important to research a firm thoroughly, because your future rests on whether you make the right job selection. There are some rules we should remember going to the interview:

- allow yourself plenty of time to get to the interview early;

- dress conservatively, avoid either too formal or too casual attire;

- greet interviewer by name & introduce yourself, act as a guest & follow the interviewer’s cues;

- be enthusiastic about your accomplishments & what you can do, but don’t act superior;

- be frank & truthful & project self-respect, don’t exaggerate;

- be attentive, always ask for clarification of something you don’t understand;

- be talkative & friendly, but concise;

- be prepared to discuss salary, but don’t introduce the subject.

After the interview & especially if a company still interests you, you should send a thank you to the interviewer. This basic courtesy is often overlooked by those seeking jobs, but it’s one excellent method of keeping your name fresh in interviewer’s mind & keeping your file active.

At last after all these steps if you are lucky you can get a letter congratulating you with successful job search. & now you have practically the easiest part: accept or reject a position.

In case of refusing a job, use an inductive approach. In other words, state your reasons first, then the tasteful refusal, & a pleasant ending. Reply as quickly as possible, so that the job can be offered to another candidate.

Acceptable letter should be written using a deductive approach. Begin by accepting a job in the first sentence, follow with any necessary details, & end with pleasant closing.

Finally, there is one last important point to remember. Immediately inform your college placement office of your job acceptance so they will stop referring your name for possible placement.

Getting in a habit of attending to common courtesies such as these, can start you on the right foot to a successful career in business.

So this is the usual process of applying for a job. But it’s only one side of a medal. To understand this process better let’s look at it from another point – with eyes of employer, who is seeking for potential employees. & this process is a process of providing appropriate human resources, or staffing. & comparing with our chaotic attempts of finding job it’s an absolute concrete process. So to be more successful in applying for a job it would be useful to know this process “inside”. It’ll give us an opportunity to understand that while applying for a job we are passing several steps.

The phrase “appropriate human resources” refers to those individuals within the organization who make a valuable contribution to organizational goal attainment. The contribution is a result of their productivity. Productivity in all organization is determined by how human resources interact, & combine & use all other management system resources. Such factors as background, age, job-related experience, & level of formal education all have some role in determining degree of appropriate human resources for the organization.

Appropriate human resources must be provided for the organization as various positions become open. The process of providing appropriate human resources (staffing) involves four main steps:

I.   recruitment;

performance appraisal.

This process can be used to fill either managerial or nonmanagerial positions openings.

I. So recruitment is the first step in providing appropriate human resources for the organization once a position becomes open. Recruitment is the initial screening of the total supply of prospective human resources available to fill position. The purpose of recruitment is to narrow a large field of prospective employees down to a relatively small number of individuals from which one person can be hired. To be effective at recruiting, first of all the recruiter must know where potential human resources can be located.

So there can be different sources of potential human resources:

Internal recruiting – finding employees within the company who are willing or able to be promoted or transferred to another job. Internal recruiting is usually less expensive than outside recruiting. In addition, first – hand data about skills & post performance are available &, finally, promotion can be a motivational factor. But promotion will not remove all necessity for outside recruiting: the jobs that promoted employees leave must be filled.
External recruiting – if for some reason a position cannot be filled from within the organization, there are numerous sources outside the organization:

2.1. General recruiting:

- Publication advertising;

To tap this source the recruiter simply places an advertisement in suitable publication. This advertisement should both describe the open position in detail & announce that the organization is accepting applications from individuals who would like to fill the position. The type of position to be filled determines the type of publication in which the advertisement should be placed.

- Television advertising;

- Radio advertising;

2.2.Direct recruiting:

- Competitors;

There are several advantages to luring human resources away from competitors, & this type of piracy has become a common practice. These advantages are: the competitor will have paid for the individual’s training up the time of hire: the competing organization will probably be weakened somewhat by the loss of the individuals; the individuals once hired, becomes a valuable sources of information regarding how to best compete with the former organization.

- Employment agencies;

An employment agency is an organization that specializes in matching individuals seeking a position with organization in need of them. These agencies help people find jobs & help organizations find people.

- Educational institutions;

Several recruiters go directly to educational institutions & universities to interview students close to graduation as prospective human resources.

- Professional societies.

Finally in order to be effective, recruiters must understand the job they are trying to fill. The process that determines what activities & skills are necessary fro a specific job is called job analysis. There are a lot of job-analysis methods commonly used. Each of them has a same purpose – the systematic differentiation of one job from another in terms of work activities, machines, tools, the product made or services performing. The result of job analysis is a job description – an organized, factual statement of the duties & responsibilities of a particular work role. It tells what is done, how it is done & why it is done. This information allows a personnel manager to write a job specification – a statement of the skills, abilities, physical characteristics, & education required to perform a job. The job specification is the basis for staffing, because it allows a realistic assessment of the employee’s skills & abilities.

The recruiting period (phase) provides applicants fro screening (the process of separating qualified from unqualified or less qualified job applicants). They use such methods as application data, interviews, tests for assessing employees’ characteristics. After candidates are screened, selection

Logistics Recruitment

Logistics Recruitment

Logistics is an important part of all businesses. It is the management of delivery of goods and services between the start point and the point of consumption to meet all of the requirements of customers. Logistics involves many different aspects such as the combination of information, transport, storage, packaging and sometimes security. We specialise in logistics recruitment. We provide staff to all sectors of logistics. Our commitment to our clients ensures they will be given the best opportunities and career prospects.

We are an Executive Search and Selection business who strive to build and maintain strong relationships with clients and candidates. We aim to provide you with a quality service whether you are a client or potential candidate. Our talent management scheme ensures all of our candidates are suitably matched to vacancies and that they are equipped and skilled enough to really bring something positive to your business.

A supply chain is a system of people, organisations, activities, technology and so on, that is involved in getting products from supplier to customer. A supply chain should operate as smoothly as possible to ensure maximum efficiency. All of the activities that are involved in a supply chain transform primary resources into an end finished product that is then passed on to customers. As well as logistics recruitment we also specialise in supply chain recruitment, we ensure that all of our candidates are of a high calibre and well equipped to work for you. We aim to match our candidates with the most suitable clients in order to benefit both the client and the candidate. Our talent management scheme also supports our supply chain candidates, this will ensure that clients will only receive candidates who are well matched and hold a lot of experience within your industry.

There are plenty of ways that you could become a painter and decorator, you could either choose to complete an apprenticeship or a course at your local college.

Both of these ways of training are highly regarding each giving their own different advantages. An apprenticeship will give the skills and experience you need to become a qualified painter and decorator. Completing a college course will give you the skills techniques and methods needed and will probably take you less time to complete. Either one is good to starting your career in painting and decorating.

Pippa Young. For more information please visit Logistics Recruitment

Sap Recruitments

Sap Recruitments
SAP serves to define the business software as including the factors as planning of enterprise resources and similar applications like supply chain management, management of the customer relationship, management of life-cycle of the product, plus management of supplier relationship.

In order to be successful in todays competitive world, the businesses must essentially utilize the SAP knowledge. There are various SAP recruitment companies operating in the market that majorly focus on the global SAP market. They also serve to deliver the SAP expert consultants when and wherever the organizations require them. The SAP consultants take control of the role-specific processes in the business in various fields as in utilities industry, for addressing company needs in the generation and distribution, for retail services, or for water and waste management segments.

In order to implement a smooth and automated strategy for recruitment, organizations are increasingly making use of the SAP recruitment module. This module depicts the smoothness involved in the process of managing the entire recruitment cycle, right from creating a job vacancy to ultimately hiring the deserving and successful candidates. The SAP recruitment process will ease the entire tedious task of recruiting the personnel for the organizations or offices.

The SAP recruitment organizations are experienced and specialise in the field of SAP recruitment along with the delivery of the SAP consultants. The organizations speak of SAP expertise, enhanced global reach and accentuated local understanding that is cardinal to grow your business. Quality of the SAP resources is one major factor that determines the success of your business. In fact quality is considered to be a major determinant of growth. In order to supply the best and the high end SAP consultants, organizations need some serious experience in the recruitment of the SAP professionals. Additionally SAP recruitment also requires a specialized knowledge of the industry.

SAP recruitments enable the organization gain an access to the smooth functioning of the organizations. The SAP consultants take time out to first understand your requirements apart from keeping in mind the individualized needs of your business. It is then that the SAP recruitments are done. An in-depth knowledge is required for anticipating your future needs at all the stages of the SAP lifecycle. Throughout all the stages of the SAP lifecycle, it becomes essential to cover all the different stages of the SAP jobs.

The organizations need to be completely poised in order to offer the exact SAP consultants required by the businesses. SAP consultants are efficient to carry on all activities that are associated with any particular role in the business.
With the emerging trends for achieving global standards, it has also become cardinal to recruit multi-lingual SAP consultants. This ensures that there is result oriented and highly focused communication to garner more business for you. Companies can opt for hiring either the permanent staff for SAP or the contractual SAP staff. The organizations dealing with SAP recruitments make sure that you get the right candidates serving your technical requirements and participating in the growth of your business.

Acuity Consultants is a IT recruitment in Cape Town whose main focus is recruitment of high calibre candidates in areas of SAP recruitment, financial technology recruitment.

Environmental Consultants

Environmental Consultants
Concerned about noise implications, vibration or the air quality of your ongoing projects? You need help from trained environmental consultants and air quality consultants.

Turn to the UKs leading specialists in noise, vibration and air quality. The multidisciplinary environmental consultants can provide you with structured advice with services ranging from acoustics within buildings to air quality and odours.

Need planning permission granted for a new plant but concerned about the impact itll have on the environment? Bring in the experienced environmental consultants and they can provide management, assessment and monitoring advice designed specifically with your companys needs in mind.

Stay in control

With assistance from the environmental consultants building projects can be managed efficiently. Nuisance noise and construction noise are just two of the specialist areas that fall under the remit of the environmental consultants and air quality consultants. They provide a wide range of services for all sized projects assisting in all aspects of construction noise assessment and containment.

The environmental consultants will happily liaise with local authorities and engineers to minimise the impact of noise in the local community. Under the guidance of the environmental consultants noise management plans bear fruition and their industry expertise covers a host of sectors from commercial developments to building new highways.

Work with the environmental consultants and retain control of your projects whilst adhering to set standards and current guidelines.

Planning a development near a major road?

How will this impact on the surrounding area? The increase in traffic will certainly affect the quality of the air and in some areas this will already be a major concern. Therefore evaluations will be required and air quality assessments are another specialist service of the environmental consultants.

Highly qualified air quality consultants, vastly experienced in their field conduct comprehensive investigations on behalf of the client. Working alongside the customer, assessments are completed by the environmental consultants using air quality modelling of the site and its surrounding areas.

The scope of work isnt limited to residential construction because the environmental consultants are actively involved in noise, vibration and air quality projects on a wide range of large scale developments. can provide the best services as environmental consultants and air quality consultants , offering you the best help and advice to ensure you receive the correct information.

Recruitment Companies

Recruitment Companies
The value of a stable and reliable career in the current economic scenario cannot be stated enough. The importance of having a job is not just for the steady income but also for the sense of independence and self respect it provides you. A stable job also instills within a person a sense of personal responsibility and encourages them to meet both personal and professional goals. One of the key things that are imperative to procure a job is ample education that is needed for that particular job. For some careers like financial jobs people need specialized degrees that will provide them with the knowledge to conduct the tasks effectively. In the finance sector jobs are increasing daily and it is considered by market watchers as one of the most profitable and booming industry. As new banks open up everyday across the globe, jobs in the finance sector too keep increasing and increasing employment opportunities regularly.
The HR department of any organization is one of the most important cogs in the wheel and it is that which ensures smooth functioning of the company. It is the HR expert who finds the ideal employees who will help add value to the organization. Getting HR jobs depend greatly on your skill, education and expertise with the task at hand. HR was one sector that was to a large degree unaffected by the effects of recession. Not only are these jobs in great demand but they also provide a high level of job security in the corporate world.
While having an ideal job in mind is common amongst all job seekers, it is actually procuring it that remains an uphill task. Most people set out with a certain job type in mind but end up settling for something completely opposite of what they expected. In such cases various agencies like finance recruitment agencies that come in are extremely helpful. These agencies have the necessary framework and contacts to be able to help them get you in touch with your preferred companies. While setting out to look for a particular agency one of the most important thing to be kept in mind is their prior track record with other people who have approached them. Research is important while choosing an agency to being a part of a scam. One of the best ways to judge the most ideal agency to associate with is to find online reviews and testimonials by previous users. Internet research can go a long way in helping make the right call when it comes to finding an agency most apt to help you with your career aims. Find the perfect agency to get on the right track to achieving your dream of the perfect job.

Find financial jobs , HR jobs with help from Poolia. We are one of the leading finance recruitment agencies in Uk.

Recruitment agency for volume recruitment

Recruitment agency for volume recruitment

With the increase in competition in every field, it has been observed that whenever recruitments start in any company, the job seekers also get bugged up. This is because of the fact that the recruitment process has become more complicated than ever before. The companies take various tests and rounds before selecting any candidate for the job. Also, the companies have to strategize the recruitment process to make sure that nothing goes wrong and right kind of candidate is offered the position. This is one of the major reasons why companies have started appointing recruitment agencies for volume recruitment. The information about these companies are displayed on various websites

In the process of volume recruitment, various companies need to hire huge number of candidates in short span of time. In order to reduce the work load and stress in Human resource and other departments, the company thinks of outsourcing the project of hiring candidate to recruitment agencies. This scenario is also performed through call center recruitment. However, it has been observed that these call center further appoint online recruitment agencies. This can significantly reduce the pressure of volume recruitment. However, you also must appoint a right kind of agency so that you can get more benefits.

There are lots of recruitment agencies claiming to provide best services; however, you must be aware of the fact that not all of them are able to keep their promises. First of all, you must elaborate your requirements such as the areas you want to hire people for including sales recruitment, IT recruitment and Finance recruitments. You must take a note of the candidates the agency has provided to you and evaluate to see if they are genuine and match your expectations.

You must also investigate about the experience and expertise of these agencies.

It is highly recommended to get in touch with more than one recruitment agency so that you can make the best selection. If you are looking for sales people, you must only hire sales recruitment agency that has qualified and experienced people as per your requirements.

Without research and knowledge, you will not be able to hire a right kind of agency for you. Lots of websites are there on the internet offering these services. You can select few of them and check their areas they deal in. Depending upon your requirements and preferences, you can select the best-suited. You also must check the testimonials by their clients as this is the best way you can evaluate their services.

The author, Michael Anderson, is a consultant at a reputed volume recruitment agency. He is actively participating into the area of sales recruitment. For more visit the website,