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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Most Disciplined Doctors Trained Abroad, UK

63% of doctors who are either struck off or suspended in the United Kingdom were trained abroad, yet only 36% of all the doctors in the UK medical register are from overseas. A total of 669 doctors have been either suspended or struck off by the GMC over the last five years. Only 249 (37%) of them were British while 420 (63%) were trained overseas…
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Stopping Gun Massacres With Extensive Background Checks And Denial Criteria

Extensive background checks and denials on gun purchases can aid in gun violence prevention, especially mass shootings, such as the ones that occurred at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Aurora, or Columbine, suggests a top expert on gun violence prevention and an emergency medicine physician at UC Davis, Garen Wintemute…
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Eyes May Reveal Multiple Sclerosis Progression

Retina thinning may reveal how rapidly multiple sclerosis is progressing, researchers from Johns Hopkins MS Center reported in the journal Neurology. The scientists explained that they referred to the thinning of “a layer of the retina in the eyes”…
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Close To One-Third Of Children With Food Allergies Are Bullied

Food allergies can pre-dispose children to being bullied at school, suggests a new study published today in Pediatrics. The study examined 251 families from a New York City food allergy clinic and discovered that nearly one-third of kids have been bullied because of their food allergy. The bullying happened on school grounds and resulted in teasing…
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Human Hands Evolved For Throwing Punches

Human hands evolved so that men could form fists and fight, not just for the manual dexterity necessary for using tools, playing a piano, or writing. The finding came from new research conducted by researchers at the University of Utah and was published in the Journal of Experimental Biology…
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Here?s What Physician Assistants Do on a Daily Basis

Here?s What Physician Assistants Do on a Daily Basis

Doctors most definitely appreciate the fact that there is a physician assistant on the health care team because of the fact that they are removing a lot of the workload that is usually placed on their shoulders. Even though a PA isn’t a doctor, it doesn’t mean that the training and duties that they do aren’t highly important and advanced.

A PA is not granted permission to practice medicine if they are not being supervised by a physician or a surgeon. They absolutely must work collaboratively with a physician or they can’t work at all. PAs have been trained to be able to provide health care services in the therapeutic aspect, they are trained to be able to diagnose, and they are trained in preventative health care services. What the responsibilities and duties a PA will have will be based on their supervising physician’s practice and the laws of the state that they reside in.

ven though this is true, when it comes to inner cities and rural areas where there is a serious shortage of physicians, the PA is going to be the main health care provider. In these places the physician assistant is going to have to consult a physician at least 2 times out of the week on their patient cases by calling them over the phone since there won’t be a physician around to talk to. It is also important to mention that PAs aren’t the same as medical assistants.

A medical assistant is going to be performing administrative tasks and some clinical clerical tasks, and the PA is going to be able to actually treat and diagnose patients while the medical assistant is allowed to.

Physicians usually delegate to PAs what tasks they are supposed to do. The tasks that they will most commonly do are taking a patient’s medical history, they will be examining patients, they are going to be able to order laboratory tests and interpret the results of those tests and x-rays as well.

PAs are also able to perform splints, sutures and casts for minor injuries that patients sustain. More tasks that PAs do is they go on house visits for patients who have been discharged out of care to record their progress, they counsel and educate patients on maintaining their health. Also, a physician assistant is able to write prescriptions for patients in some states. When it comes to their administrative tasks, they are going to be ordering medical supplies and equipment. This is a great and rewarding career, and in fact this is one of Americas fastest growing careers.

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Here are the Top Online Schools for Physician Assistant Programs

Here are the Top Online Schools for Physician Assistant Programs

The health care profession of physician assistant has for a very long time been seen as one of the most important roles in the health care industry.

This is because of the fact PAs are helping doctors and physicians by relieving them of all the tasks that they normally were always supposed to do. Its because of this that physicians and doctors are able to give more attention to their patients and manage them appropriately. PAs are also helping surgeons by allowing them to perform the necessary surgeries, and if not for PAs some surgeons wouldn’t even get the chance to perform surgical procedures.

The most common responsibilities that PAs have are performing examinations on patients, such as attending to walk-in patients in clinics. They have the responsibility of recording the medical history of a patient, and there are many other tasks that they perform. They are practically taking the roles of doctors and physicians. Some of the exams they perform on patients are recording the patient’s weight and height, recording their blood pressure, and they are able to administer injections and immunizations. In some states, PAs are also able to prescribe medications for patients who have chronic and acute illnesses. The first school that has a great online physician assistant program is….

Drexel University

-This school has been ranked as one of the best colleges in America. It was founded in 1891, and it offers great online degrees in bachelor’s, masters, and also certification exams in the medical fields, nursing, and other health careers. Their medical programs are all accredited and they have a very experience medical staff who work as teachers.

-This school was the first school for nursing, and it is the nation’s largest college for medicine because of the fact that it has an amazing history that goes back 112 years. Most of the medical teachers have PhDs, and they are well know and respected throughout the medical world.

-This school has highly advanced interactive degree programs that have a wide number of methods for teaching, and these online degree programs allow aspiring PAs to finish and learn at their own speed and pace.

Universities of Wolver Hampton, Birmingham and Warwick with Coventry, UK

-Each and every one of these universities are the first in the United Kingdom to begin courses for aspiring men and women who want to become physician assistants.

-The curriculum for the Pa programs that are offered at these universities are comprised of many important courses that are all required to be taken to gain certification and licensure.

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Paralyzed Woman’s Mind Controls Robotic Arm

A paralyzed woman has been able to control a robotic prosthetic hand using her thoughts. This woman, struggling with tetraplegia, has obtained a level of movement and control with the hand comparable to people without any impairment. The research came from a team of experts at the University of Pittsburgh and was published Online First in The Lancet…
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Buying Drugs Online Can Be Very Risky

The number of people buying prescription drugs online without a prescription is increasing significantly, according to a report by Pfizer and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Over the past few years, several websites have been popping up selling prescription drugs to people that have access to the Internet, as an “easy” way for people to buy drugs…
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2 Cups Of Milk A Day Is Best For Kids

Children should not drink more than two cups of milk per day. This new finding came from a team of scientists at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario and was published in the journal Pediatrics. The study was able to show parents that two cups of milk provide children with a sufficient amount of Vitamin D and iron without resulting in any adverse reactions…
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