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Monthly Archives: June 2001

How to Prepare For Your Online Physician Assistant Program

How to Prepare For Your Online Physician Assistant Program

Online education is no longer a new approach to encourage people to pursue their studies. It has overcome the time and space issues for those who are working but wishing to take a part time course or those who prefer to study on own schedule. Now, physician assistant program goes online too. Nonetheless, there are some things that you have to be alert in order to perform well in your online program.

First, you should always bear in mind that online program means you are free to study at anytime, anywhere, anyhow as you wish. It can become a disadvantage too, if you are someone who tends to procrastinate. Delaying your studies until the last-minute will result in swamping yourself with overloaded information and assignments. That is definitely a bad idea if you want to pass your online program as soon as possible.

Next, you need to foster the habit of time management. Yes, you needless to attend any lectures and you can study at our convenience. But you should have set up a study list for everyday since physician assistant program has a lot of theoretical subjects that you have to allocate your time wisely to revise for each subject. By dividing your time accordingly and following your schedule with discipline, it may heighten the chance for you to pass the program.

Every online program does provide facilities for the students to learn more effectively. You should make full use of them. Online lecture, forums, discussions are interesting ways to help you to learn faster and interactively. If you have any inquiries, do not feel hesitate to email your instructors to ask for help.

Last but not least, you have to evaluate your progress continuously.

By doing so, you will know whether you are catching up with the syllabus. If you are doing so-so, you will still have time to adjust yourself to do better.

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Physician Assistant- Career Conversation

This video features a question and answer with Stacie Graf, Physician Assistant, Mid Dakota Clinic, Bismarck, North Dakota.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Prescribing Medication is What Physician Assistants Can Do Now

Prescribing Medication is What Physician Assistants Can Do Now

The very first question that I raised to my family care doctor right after he employed a physician assistant was “can a PA write medication prescriptions for patients when the primary care physician is out of town?” I had to ask this question because of the fact that she wasn’t in town at the time. The answer that was given to me was a lot more than a sentence.

When it comes to different state laws, PAs are given the authority to write medication prescriptions for patients in only 48 states, excluding the states of Florida and Kentucky. Right now the state of Florida is working on getting this started for PAs and for nurse practitioners as well so that they can perform more tasks which saves time and money both for the patients and the state too. Its different for each state what a PA can do, but what is certain is that they are have to be supervised by a physician.

When it comes to them prescribing, some states don’t allow a physician assistant to re-write a prescription, and some states don’t allow PAs to write prescriptions for certain drugs. To start prescribing, all a PA has to do is get the state application for prescribing drugs, fill it out and follow the rules and they will get their certification to begin prescribing medicine.

Aside from the law, there are still other things that are going to affect whether or not a physician assistant can prescribe medication. Some of these things are the hospital or the health care facility that they work in could possibly create some rules that won’t allow them to write prescriptions. Another factor that could determine whether or not a PA can write out prescriptions is if their supervising physician doesn’t allow it.

They may have a problem with all the added stress that the PA might not be ready to give prescriptions and they might wait until they are comfortable with the PAs skills before they start letting them prescribe medications. Its bound to happen that nurse practitioners and physician assistant are going to be able to write prescriptions due to the fact that the medical world is constantly increasing and changing. There is going to be a point where doctors won’t be able to handle doing everything, and when that happens PAs will begin to do more of everything. Writing prescriptions is an important part of patient care, especially after they have been discharged.

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The Job Scope that a Physician Assistant Has

The Job Scope that a Physician Assistant Has

The health care profession of physician assistant has been around since the 1960s, and ever since then they have been working under the supervision of a physician. They are actually delegated by that physician on what assignments they are going to do, and their own scope of practice is going to be based on the physician’s practice and the laws of the state that they live in. They are a very much appreciated member on the health care team because of their abilities in being able to perform almost 80% of the tasks that were traditionally performed by the physician.

As working members on the team of health care, every PA is skilled in the ability to perform tasks that were usually always and only done by physicians who are licensed. They engage in performing tasks like recording the medical history of a patient, they are going to perform tasks in being able to prevent disease, diagnose conditions, perform and ordering laboratory tests, and they are also going to be creating treatment plans for patients along with the collaboration of their supervising physician.

A physician assistant is also going to be treating minor injuries like broken bones by applying casts, splints or other types of treatment that involve give patients injections for immunizations. There are even some states that allow PAs to prescribe medications for patients who suffer from acute and chronic diseases. Aside from all of these health care tasks, PAs will also be doing administrative duties as well.

These duties include ordering medical supplies, ordering more equipment for the office, and they will also be the supervisor of technicians and assistants.

Another aspect of the job for a physician assistant is counseling and educating patients. PAs also work as the primary health care providers in areas where there is a serious shortage of physician assistants. These areas are going to be rural and since there is going to be such a low number of working physicians, PAs are going to be seeing their supervising physician only 2 times out of the week.

All PAs work under the direction of a surgeon are going to be held responsible for performing duties such as surgical procedures in various operating rooms, they are going to perform pre-op care and post-op care for patients, and some will have the necessary education that enables them to take a hand in actual hands-on surgical tasks.

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How to Become a Qualified and Certified Physician Assistant

How to Become a Qualified and Certified Physician Assistant

The medical profession of physician assistant is the third fastest growing career in the world right now according to the Federal Bureau of Labor. This is a career that is going to be high in demand and it just might always remain that way considering the shortage on working doctors in medical institutions around the world right now. PAs help society with their skills in disease prevention, and on their and faster patient treatment.

This is definitely the career to get into. You don’t have to go to medical school for a decade and a half to start working, and you can do most of the tasks that were previously meant only for doctors to perform. This career is creating a lot of different opportunities for other medical professions too with physicians being able to work less with the help of PAs. Assistants work in a variety of medical institutions such as hospitals, private practices, walk in clinics, and nursing homes.

These are the most common but there are many other places. Without a doubt, the PA has been a huge asset to doctors, surgeons and physicians helping them to work more effectively with less stress. This career has a bright and positive outlook, but a physician assistant is still going to face challenges. Here is how to become a qualified PA. The first thing you need to do is get your bachelors degree. Not an associate’s…get a bachelors.

Higher education is the absolute requirement to get accepted into a university’s PA program. It doesn’t matter how much medical experience you may have prior to get the degree, you still need to get your bachelors before you apply to a PA program. Next step is to get into a university either online or on campus.

Make sure the university you get into is accredited, and two good universities that offer great PA programs is the University of Chicago and the University of Drexel. When you get admission into the university’s PA program you will be there for a good 2 to 3 years.

It’ll be full time with the first year dealing with coursework and the next year will have you working clinical rotations being supervised by actual PAs. After you graduate you will have to take the national certification exam that is administered by the AAPA. After you get certified you will still have to take your state licensure exam so that you can start working within your state as a physician assistant.

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The Future of the Health Care Industry are Physician Assistants

The Future of the Health Care Industry are Physician Assistants

Because of the fact that the health care industry is becoming more modern, each and every working physician assistant is playing an extremely important part in helping doctors by assisting them and doing the tasks that were usually meant to be done by a physician. It can be a very challenging goal to be a PA and at the same time it will be very rewarding.

This job is going to help you to be more trained medically and get the skill that is needed so that you will be able to progress in the medical world. Physician assistants provide a wide range of health care services for patients. There are many different medical institutions that a physician assistant can work in. They work in walk in clinics, hospitals, some government agencies like the CDC, and some of them work in private practices.

If you plan on becoming a PA in the health care industry then you are going to need to have a bachelor’s degree with a lot of background coursework in biology. There are many schools that are offering students in PA schools a BA-PA certification degree even though most physician assistants get their science degree and then get a MA-PA master’s degree. Graduate programs are going to teach you how to widen out the knowledge you have concerning science because you need this for your certification, and you also need it to get some experience medically.

The programs for the 2 year master’s degree all start with the beginning year focusing on areas like anatomy and microbiology, and after that graduates will have to intern after their first summer. The second year will have more of an hands on approach because its going to be an internship. When you finally get to your graduation, you will without a doubt have all the skills that are necessary for you to go ahead and get your certification so that you can start working as a physician assistant.

Its important that you start looking for accredited schools so that you can see which school is best for you to attend, and one that is going to be offering everything you need.

I recommend that you apply electronically through CASPA instead of mailing your application due to the fact that there’s a possibility that it could get lost in transit. When you have received your degree then you are going to have to pass the PANCE which is the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam so that you get your credentials to work as a PA.

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Physician Assistant – A Conversation We’ve All Had

There is often a lot of misunderstanding around the title of our profession.
Video Rating: 4 / 5