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Monthly Archives: April 2001

Job Vacancies for Surgical Physician Assistants

Job Vacancies for Surgical Physician Assistants

There are indeed great job vacancies for surgical physician assistants in the US. The medical model training provided to a physician assistant ensures that the individual can perform a wide range of responsibilities in the medical and the surgical field. Depending on their interests, physician assistants can move from medical to surgical responsibilities during their career or even as part of the responsibilities in a hospital or other healthcare centers.

What the Surgical Physician Assistant Does

Surgical physician assistants are specifically trained in surgical practices. Their job profile involves handling all responsibilities involved in assisting the surgeon including using all kinds of equipment, getting the operating theater ready, getting patients ready, assisting the surgeon throughout the surgery and providing post-surgery care to patients. Surgical physician assistants excel in their preferred area – general surgery, orthopedic, neurosurgery, gynecological, cardiovascular, and others. The salary for a surgical physician assistant depends upon the area of specialization and also the size of the organization or healthcare facility. Geographical location and experience of the candidate also play an important role. But whatever be the professional’s experience, specialization, geographical preference or salary expectations, he can capitalize on job vacancies for surgical physician assistants through the services of a health care staffing organization.

Great Job Opportunities through Healthcare Staffing Company

The qualified and experienced staffing consultants at the healthcare staffing firm can identify the right opportunities for professionals whether they are domestically or internationally trained.

Healthcare staffing concerns serve the needs of many healthcare centers around the nation satisfying their need for staff such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. They also process information about hundreds of candidates and offer them great openings, taking into consideration their requirements for salary, work atmosphere, geographical location and career growth.

Professionals looking for the most exciting and satisfying job vacancies for surgical physician assistants can fulfill their ambitions by channeling their search through a healthcare staffing concern.

Surgical Physician Assistants Jobs – TheraKare is a leading healthcare staffing agency in the Unites States, providing recruitment assistance for those seeking medical jobs.

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant at Saint Louis University Doisy College of Health Sciences

Physician Assistant Programs in California

Physician Assistant Programs in California

In the state of California there are wonder physician assistant programs available. Not only do these programs give aspiring students the chance they want to become a PA or just be mentored by an actual doctor when they are making serious decisions when it concerns patient care diagnose, but these programs also pay these aspiring students as they are training in the program to become a PA. The kind of hands on training that is provided at these programs are really paving the way for future and better careers in the health care industry, and they are also keeping working practitioners well paid for their hard work.

Students should make sure that they check the American Association of Physician Assistants on accreditation standards regarding how valid the educational curriculum for the PA programs used in California are. Not all PA schools are going to recognized by the state of California, and the only way they will be is by doing due diligence and checking up on the schools credentials and licensure so you can be sure that you know the requirements and whether or not you meet them.

A working physician assistant in the state of California is given hands on training and because of the fact that this city is constantly moving 24/7, all the cases you’ll be handling there as a PA will give you a lot more opportunity to work with patients. The curriculum of the PA schools in California will include training in knowing how to perform physical exams on patients, learning how to order and interpret lab tests, how to diagnose and determine treatment plans for patients, how to chart and take patient medical histories, how to interview patients, and how to prescribe medications for patient.

Students will also be taught how to perform clinical procedures like giving patients injections or immunization shots.

They’re also going to be taught how to perform sutures, how to apply a splint, and how to apply and remove casts for minor injuries. The laboratory tests are going to deal with taking up cultures, and how to read blood tests. The requirements for admission into a PA program in the state of California are very similar to that of other states.

The only thing is that applicants who don’t have a lot of clinical experience working directly with patients are not encouraged to apply until they get some. California is a great place to get into a great physician assistant school.

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MPSC Recruitment 2010 | MPSC Recruitment

MPSC Recruitment 2010 | MPSC Recruitment

Job description provides a detailed information on what is expected from the candidate after joining. The main objective of providing a job description to the candidate at the time of recruiting or at the time of interview is; listing out the duties and responsibilities of the post that the candidate is applying for. Why is it important to share it with a person who is not even a confirmed employee as yet? Well, making the candidate aware of the job description helps the candidate understand and make a decision on whether he/ she is fit for the job, whether they possess all the qualifications and skills that are required for the job application and whether they can or are capable to undertake all the stated duties and responsibilities.Imagine, only job openings and the job post being published in the advertisements and web portals without the job description. It would cause so much of confusion amongst the potential candidates and will indeed be a complicated process for the hiring team. Now, one might argue that if the job applications are required for the post of a manager, then obviously all managers will apply; which is true. However, the duties of a manager (or for any other post for that matter) differs from company to company and not defining them might lead to disputes and conflicts amongst the employees and the employers in future. Have a look at the job description template sample in the article to understand the way in which it is written.Recruitment is an important function of the company, because its effectiveness will effect the final output of the company and indirectly the profit ratios. Recruitment is the process of getting the right people for the right jobs.

Even though the market is full of human resource, it is not an easy task to zero in on the right people for the vacancy in hand. As and when vacancies arise, recruiters begin their search for the right employee to fill that space. Recruiters have their own set of recruiting tips that they keep in mind while recruiting people. They conduct telephonic interviews, online tests and a series of interviews to narrow down their search. Read more on how to find and hire the right employee. The aim is to select the best at optimum cost. Recruiting can be a very tricky process and loopholes in the recruitment system can conduce to unnecessary expenses for the employer. One abort (when a person gets selected and fails to join) or if an employee leaves shortly after joining, calls for conduction of the entire recruitment cycle for that one vacancy. This is a waste of money, time and energy. The best thing to do is get the right employee by being sharp and witty. Below are some recruiting tips for employers and recruiters. Read more on recruitment process steps. Search for Candidates Suddenly there arises a vacancy that you are asked to close within a day! What do you do? Where do you look for candidates. There is no time to put it up on the employee referral portal and wait! In such situations rush to job portals or job forums. Even consultancies come to the rescue. Quickly check for the basic qualification requirements and call them up as soon as possible. One tip while selecting people in this initial stage is to be cautious and alert. Read the resume properly, because if the post specifically calls for a computer engineer or anybody who has done engineering in electronics you need to get them only. Due to negligence you even include mechanical engineer in the list and he comes and gives the test, clears and sits for the interview till when the interviewer finally finds out you allowed him to reach the interview stage despite him being a mechanical engineer, you will be in a soup. Thus, be alert while sifting! Get Clear Idea About the Post It is crucial for a recruiter to have a thorough understanding of the post in question. As a recruiter, you need to be well informed about the job description, salary range, job timings, career growth in that field, etc. before contacting the candidate. Since recruiters are the face of the company to fresh candidates, it is important to build your company’s impression. Lack of knowledge about the job and its requirements will put off the candidate, which can prove to be a loss to your company. Read more on recruiting strategies. Telephonic Interview Tips Once the basic requirements are met, call the candidate up and conduct a telephone interview. From the tone of the employee you can find out to some extent how confident the person is. Ask several questions related to their academic field. If you are recruiting engineers, you need to know some common terms, theories or concepts that they study during their course. It’s alright if you do not understand anything. What you have to check here is the spontaneity and confidence with which the candidate answers. Since the candidate does not know you know nothing, he mostly will tell the truth if he does not know the answer or will stammer and stutter. During a telephonic interview you need to explicitly clarify what the job calls for, the salary range, job location and job timings. Later on you do not want any confusion pertaining to these simple issues. If there is any disagreement, try olving it or else look for another candidate. Test Tips If you are satisfied with the conversation you had with the candidate over the telephone, then schedule him or her for a test. Each company has their own test format to assess the knowledge base of the candidates aspiring to join them. The test results will give you a better idea of how suitable a candidate is for the job. If you have 10 candidates writing the test for one post, some will fail the test. They can be immediately sent home. From the rest, choose five candidates for the interview stage. If you have 8 candidates who have passed and want to choose five from them, check the scores. Often tests comprise sections. Candidates who have scored more or less the same in all sections are stable and strong in the required fields. Give a second preference to a candidate who has scored really high in one section and poorly in the other. Interview Tips Once these five candidates have been scheduled for the interview, the narrowing process gets intense. You need only one candidate and have five to choose from, thus, you need to be really wise. Interview all of them. Points to be checked at the interview stage are confidence, team spirit, impressive personality, the right attitude, the willingness to learn and work and honesty. Check if the person is bragging or telling fibs. A braggart or dishonest person is not what your company needs. Moreover, check for the long term prospects. Is the candidate planning to stick to the job for a long period of time? Is he willing to live in the given location? Based on these factors select the most suitable employee for your company.

Medical Jobs for Physician Assistants

Medical Jobs for Physician Assistants

There are many people who are unaware of what a physician assistant is and what they do exactly in the health care industry. What is certain though is that PAs have helped many people in the work that they do. Right now here in 2011, there are nearly 75,000 working PAs within in the medical world. To put it short and to the point, a PA is a health care worker that performs different kinds of tasks that aides surgeons and doctors.

They do this because of the fact that they are able to do almost all the tasks that were traditionally always done by physicians themselves. For someone to have a career as a PA, they of course will have to obtain their license. To get that license you’re going to have to enroll and complete an accredited PA program, and it has to be accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education so that you can take the certification exam.

To get admission into the program you are also going to have to get some experience working in direct contact with patients, and you’ll need to have taken some medical courses with good grades. What exactly are the kinds of tasks that a physician assistant can perform for patients? Well, PAs can help in the diagnosing process but it is always going to be up to their supervising physician concerning what the final diagnosis is going to be.

To be more to the point, when a PA makes a diagnosis its called a “provisional diagnosis” meaning that it isn’t definitive.

PAs also have patient consults educating them in how to stay healthy after being discharged and how to prevent diseases. They are also able to engage in tasks like giving patient injections and immunization shots for things like the measles. PAs are also able to order laboratory tests like EKGs and x-rays, and they are able to interpret the results of these tests as well.

Doing all of these things helps them make a correct diagnosis for the patient’s condition. When a doctor meets with one of their scheduled patients, its possible that they are going to ask their PA to look at that patient’s medical history to see if they should talk to them about any underlying problems that went unseen. In some states a PA is even able write prescriptions. To be more exact the only states that a PA can’t prescribe medication are Florida and Kentucky, but the physician has to approve their prescriptions.

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