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Monthly Archives: January 2001

An Inside Look at Google

I’ve represented Google at many events for women in engineering, and I’m always asked the same thing: “What’s it like to work there?” I certainly don’t mind discussing the subject, but I often think it would be great if more people could see it for themselves. Well, now you can. We invite you to take a sneak peek inside Google and hear straight from some of our female engineers what life here is really like. Of course, our goal of recruiting as many gifted female engineers as we can also means encouraging young women who are still in school. So I’d like to issue a hearty congrats to the winners of this year’s Anita Borg scholarships. – Jen Fitzpatrick, Engineering Director, Google Google

Try Being A Physician Assistant

Try Being A Physician Assistant
If you like helping other people, a job in the medical field could be for you. The field is obviously in demand of certified compassionate individuals who are ready to put forth their best attempts to help others. The Physician Assistant is an elementary position that will allow the opportunity to help other people and gain example of the medical field.

Considering that Physician Assistants are needed through the entire Nation, you will be able in order to secure employment opportunities the majority of anywhere. Job security is extremely high in most regions of the medical field. The courses programs to generate your certificate most vary depending on express regulations. However, nearly all can be completed in 4-6 weeks on average. The price of such programs is extremely low.

If you need advice about the cost of the program, many programs present scholarships or federal funding. In addition, many group agencies such as Man Services will assist anyone with the cost of doing such a training course. A number of employers in the medical area will agree to both pay for your Physician Assistant instruction or reimburse anyone upon successful completing the program.

Most Health care worker Assistant programs start each and every six to eight weeks. The treatment depends on the length of the program and the interest in your unique area. This is distinct from most certificate packages where you have to hold off until a full semester finishes before you can enroll. At times that can mean a 3 or four thirty day period waiting period.

On your Physician Assistant training, you may attend a class learning environment and also receive hands on coaching. The hands on education requires you to total a certain number of several hours, called clinicals, working in a medical facility with real patients. All of your perform will be overseen by qualified professionals who with advise you regarding the proper procedures along with medical understanding.

The combination regarding classroom learning along with clinicals will result in you becoming well prepared to enter the work market as a Nursing Assistant. Generally, the medical site that will oversees the clinicals will offer you employment to those college students who are learning properly, following procedures for facility, and who may have a positive attitude.

Being a Physician Assistant can be extremely exciting and gratifying for the right person. The job is challenging and you will find yourself over expanded at times. Things in a very medical setting will change constantly, so the job certainly isnt predictable. There are so many specifics including the patients, after that number of patients, some other staff, and the medical needs of the sufferers that you work day together with never be predictable.

Whilst being a Physician Assistant can be an entry level position, it’s also a very important position. You will end up responsible for many daily life tasks for each individual. These tasks consist of bathing, grooming giving, and checking their particular vital signs. Additionally, you will be responsible for assisting using medical equipment and relocating patients as needed. The actual requirements of the placement will vary depending on the service you work for.
Transforming into a Physician Assistant generally will not take very long. You will continue to find out about your part as a Physician Assistant after you secure employment. You may be exposed to medical information as well as procedures by the other staff. This information will be quite valuable. Many people opt for the role involving Nursing Assistance like a foundation to continue the amount and become a Registered nurse or to explore other kinds of employment within the medical field.

The health-care field is growing and there is a demand for employees, but it is the properly trained and skilled workers who will usually get the much better jobs, and in the health care area, there is a world of difference between the assignments of skilled and unskilled physician assistants.

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Bank Recruitment

Bank Recruitment

You have ample amount of career options in the present world, a large menu to choose from where you can go for the career you like and which suits your personal as well as professional interests. One of the most coveted career options from this wide menu is in the banking sector. A major boon in the banking sector in recent years is quite evident with the success graph growing higher with every passing year. Banks have to offer a wide variety of job options, which ensure job satisfaction. However, the bank recruitment is done based on bank exams conducted for various posts in the bank. The questions papers, which are set, are very difficult to crack, but it is not impossible. The major reason behind this being that a standard is set up and only the best suitors of the post are able to reach the interview round.

Banks play a very crucial role in our lives, because they manage money and in today’s world, money is the driving force of life. Money is an essential commodity to carry out even the necessities of life. Banks provide loans for various requirements and are a blessing to all those students who could not afford education. Banking sector is a challenging field of career. The best art about this career option is that it is not confined to commerce students. Students from arts and science background can also apply in this sector, provided they qualify the job requirement.

However, it is not easy to clear the bank exams. You need to be well prepared in order to emerge as a winner. For this, you need to practice from various sources like the internet or the books available in the market. There are model question papers available on the internet, which are very helpful.

They help you get a gist of the kind of questions asked and the marking scheme of the question paper. The syllabus is vast and each subject needs to be given equal importance. You also need to work on your vocabulary as a separate section consists of vocabulary. This can be done by reading newspapers, which would serve two purposes; to increase your vocabulary and to update you with current affairs. Both of them are an important part of the bank exam syllabus.

Keeping these minor points in mind would help you clear your bank exams. Keep yourself updated with any changes in the bank exam syllabus and prepare from the model question papers accordingly. Once the goal is set and you are thoroughly prepared, you can secure a promising future.

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Physician Assistant & Physician? What?s the Difference?

Physician Assistant & Physician? What?s the Difference?

Most of the time the physician assistant is going to be in the place of the physician doing most of the tasks that were traditionally meant to be done by the physician themselves. The PA is going to be the health care professional who is trained by the direction of a physician, and by that physician being their supervisor. The way they are going to be trained and supervised will all depend on their supervising physician’s type of practice and the laws of the state that they live in.

If the physician is a surgeon, a chiropractor, a podiatrist or even a dentist it doesn’t matter because the PA is going to have to acclimate to whatever practice their physician has. These two health care workers work collaboratively so that patient care is done safe and correctly. Now even though I’ve gone into how a PA is always going to have a physician as their supervisor, there are still defining differences between them. These differences between physicians and their assistants are….

-The first difference between PAs and physicians is the amount of schooling that is required to become both. Unlike physicians, PAs don’t have to go to medical school for 10 years to get certified and practice medicine. In fact, physicians can be in school for up to 18 years before they decide to start practicing medicine. To even gain admission into med school, an aspiring physician is required to do an internship in a hospital and they’re going to have to do a residency. A physician assistant doesn’t have to do residencies or internships to get into the PA school of their choice, and there are PAs who aren’t even certified and yet they still practice medicine in hospitals because they have the necessary education to begin practicing medicine.

That’s one difference between the two.

-There are different duties and responsibilities between PAs and physicians when it concerns providing patient care on a daily basis. Its going to be the physician who is mainly responsible for overseeing the care of the patient, and its going to be the PA who is under the supervision of the physician when they are providing patient care at the delegation of the physician. The responsibility for patients doesn’t lie on the PA’s shoulder, it lies on the physician’s.

This is a great career that is extremely rewarding at the end of the day because of all the things you experience and what you ultimately do for people who are suffering.

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Joining Physician Assistant Schools

Joining Physician Assistant Schools

There are many ways through which an individual can pursue a career in medicine. Most people know of medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists. There is however another important group of medical professionals known as physician assistants. These medical professionals are mandated to provide treatment for illness and injuries while under the supervision of a licensed physician. In some countries they are also known as clinical officers, assistant medical officers or clinical associates. Their roles include conducting physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment, assisting in surgeries, issuing prescriptions, ordering and interpreting laboratory tests and providing medical advice and counseling.

From the job description provided, it is quite obvious that the physician assistant can undertake most of the roles that a physician is required to handle. There is a difference however since the physician assistant though having autonomy to make decisions, is required to work under the supervision of a physician. This means frequent consultation and communication with the physician in charge. Physician assistants are found in all kinds of medical institutions where they are expected to be the assistants of the physician.

To undertake a career with such huge responsibility requires quality training that will equip the student with the skills and knowledge required to competently support a physician. Physician assistant schools are there to provide the necessary training which covers almost all areas of medical practice. To enroll for the programs offered in these schools will require excellent grades as the course is highly attractive and thus admission id highly competitive.

An overall GPA of at least 3.3 is the minimal score required to join most physician assistant schools. Each candidate is also expected to have very good GPA in natural science subjects as well as GRE General Test scores.

In addition to the academic qualifications required, anyone joining physician assistant schools will also need to have the right personality. While some may be drawn into the career due to its prestige and reputation, a physician assistant must have compassion and a willingness to help those who need medical care. Working as a physician assistant also demands working long and odd hours with occasional interruptions to holidays or days off when emergencies arise. In addition to all of these, a physician assistant must be ready to deal with death which will inevitably occur at various times during their careers. Before enrolling into physician assistant schools it is therefore necessary to make sure that you are willing and able to deal with all of these demands and any others that might arise.

Most people joining physician assistant schools will often come from a medical background and include professionals such as nurses, paramedics and medical technicians. These candidates will in many cases have the advantage of previous medical training and work experience. This however does not mean that those without experience or training in other fields of medicine do not stand a chance. Having excellent academic qualifications will also get you into physician assistant schools. However those who are working in a medical profession will find taking the courses easier and for them, online physician assistant schools will work just fine.

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Government Recruitments

Government Recruitments

Today most of the challenging and exciting jobs are offered by the government sector. In this unpredictable world only government jobs can ensure job security. The pension plans and the future security are higher than any other private sector job. The growth of new entrepreneurs and private sector jobs has not been able to reduce the stature and position of a government employee. Government has established various mediums for recruitment of jobs in various government departments. NDA, SSC, AND IFS are such mediums which provide a platform for the aspiring candidates to exhibit their knowledge and skills.

It is a commission set up by the government to recruit individuals for technical and non-technical posts in departments of the government.
There are various offices in different parts of the India which supervise the work of SSC and conduct exams and interviews.
Various offices of SSC are in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati and the sub regional offices are in Raipur The main headquarters of SSC are in Delhi, where all the important discussions are made regarding the work of SSC.
It also conducts typewriting tests in Hindi and English.
The dates for examination in 2011, for various posts in technical and non-technical department have been released.

NDA refers to National Defence Academy. Every year it recruits many courageous individuals who fight for our country.
It is most important to have a sense of patriotism and love for one’s own country to be a part of this.
Courageous and loyal to the country and high on general awareness level.
During the exam conducted by UPSC, it is very important to be high on the general awareness level in order to clear the exam. You must have a thorough knowledge of the important events in our country in order to be a brave soldier.
Indian Foreign service is a body of diplomats of India. The recruitment is based on the performance in the Mains exams and the prelims exams.
The acceptance rate adopted by IFS is 0.01 per cent. Out of the 40, 00-50, 00 candidates that appear for the exam, only 800-900 are selected and undergo further training.
Thus, NDA, SSC, IFS are different mediums of the government which recruit individuals based on their capability. They aspire to build a strong team of individuals, who under guidance and training can lead the country to the path of success. In the year 2011, many candidates would be in the list of SSC recruitment 2011 and other while in some departments others are still awaiting their results.

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Recruitment Challenges

Recruitment Challenges

Recruitment can be a growing challenge in each sector. For higher performing organizations, attracting, hiring and retaining the right talents is usually a decisive function altogether. Adding the correct players towards the team is the critical source of competitive advantage. In purchase to reach the goal, greater speed and least doable cost on the organisation is really crucial. effectiveness of recruitment.

Unlike older times firm loyalty isn’t the purchase with the day and it’s not taken seriously. On the other hand, the virtues of sincerity and loyalty are generally regarded as divine and respected all levels. Hence, there’s constantly a hope for identifying folks with commitment and loyalty. Recruitment processes deliver outstanding performance, control fees, increase sales, maintain efficiency and develop the organization. Every single organization is interested in knowing the return on recruitment investments.

Recruitment is composed of several stages: verifying that a vacancy exists; drawing up a job specification; finding candidates; selecting them by interviewing and other means such as conducting a psychometric test; and making a job offer. Effective recruitment is important in achieving high organizational performance and minimizing labor turnover. Employees may be recruited either externally or internally.

Hiring good, hard working employees is a big challenge for employers. The hiring process can be approached from many different angles depending on the skill level, job responsibilities, and educational requirements necessary to fill the job opening.

The secret to finding a good employee is in discovering their inner character, what drives them, what makes them tick. Finding the perfect employee who meets every single detail you are looking for, is rare, if not nearly impossible. Therefore, one of the first things you will need to do is make sure you have clearly identified the minimum, or the “essentials”, of the qualifications and or the experience levels for the position you are trying to fill.

A common mistake employers make in the recruiting process is in hiring the person who meets their qualifications without making sure whether the job meets the expectations of the new employee. The reality of the hiring process is that many times the employer and the employee come to the interview wearing their best poker face. The employer wants to find the perfect candidate and the potential employee wants to be the perfect candidate. It is really one of the most difficult challenge that employers are currently facing is finding excellent and talented employees to work for their companies.

An equally difficult task is to keep the bad kinds of employees out of your company. You may be very cautious with your hiring process but you will still sometimes end up with employees that give you nothing but bouts of headaches. To help you attract good employees and repel bad ones, here is a rundown of practical information that many employers would find highly useful.

One of the best ways to attract superior employees is to be a top company. A job position should be challenging but not too difficult to the point that an employee would feel that he or she is working a job that is supposed to be for two people.

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Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant
There are many companies who employ the services of a marketing consultant to help their business to reach as many potential clients as possible. For somebody who has not got a background in marketing, a marketing consultant can be an invaluable resource. A marketing consultant can provide their expertise to ensure that a business can reach their target market successfully. As they have spent years honing their skills, marketing consultants can really use their expert and effective marketing strategies to help a business which is, perhaps, not achieving its full potential.

Of course, if you are considering using a marketing consultant, you need to make sure that you are getting good value for money and it really is worth looking into the background of your marketing consultant to ensure that they are effective. You need to make sure that your marketing is reaching the right people at the right time with the message that you want to convey. A marketing consultant can really facilitate this happening and, if the right marketing consultant for your needs is found then you will be able to expect a higher return on your investment than you have spent on marketing.

One company which offers the services of a marketing consultant is Opportunity Marketing. They offer a personal service from a dedicated expert marketing consultant who will work with you to provide fresh marketing ideas so that your ultimate marketing strategy will have the maximum impact on your business. Opportunity Marketing has over fifteen years experience in marketing and so you can feel confident that your marketing consultant will be employing the best possible marketing strategies for your business. is the leading Marketing Consultant . Reach your target market with our effective marketing strategies. We are Marketing Consultants from the leading Marketing Consultancy .

Property recruitment

Property recruitment

 Cavendish Careers London’s premier property recruitment agency. Founded by Kate Waller with the sole aim of supplying clients in the property sector with qualified and experienced professionals Cavendish Careers has built a reputation for providing property recruitment candidates to a range of blue clip and SME organisations throughout the London and Essex areas.

As an ambitious business Cavendish Careers has one singular aim in mind, to become the property recruitment agency of choice for the property sector in London. Our property recruitment agency offers a uniquely tailored service to each and every client. Together with our passion for property and general knowledge of the property sector we can guarantee a service that is second to none.

Cavendish Careers property recruitment understands the value of placing the right candidate in the right position. We offer our clients the benefit of a wide range of skills, knowledge and professionalism which is as beneficial to our clients as it is to our candidates.

Once our property recruitment agency has placed you in your ideal career our commitment to you does not stop there. We endeavour to keep in contact with every one of our clients to make sure that they are happy in the role and progress sufficiently. This level of service extends for all our placements in the property recruitment sectors. No matter if you are taking your first steps in the property industry or have decades of experience we liaise with you constantly to make sure that our role is ideally suited to you.

Here at Cavendish Careers property recruitment agency we think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and affordability of our service.

We strongly believe in forming effective working relationships with each of our clients as we understand that this is the best way to identify the needs of both parties.

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Sap Consulting

Sap Consulting
The reason why businesses need SAP Consulting is that most executives know little or nothing about financial software. All they know is how to run the reports that they need for their jobs and little else.

This is why so many companies, especially small and medium sized companies; are stuck with obsolete and inadequate accounting software. Since nobody in the company realizes how bad the system is everybody puts up with it because they don’t know any better.

Then one day somebody from the company visits another organization and sees how much faster, more efficient and more effective their financial system is. This person comes back and asks “why don’t we have that?”

How SAP Consultants Can Help
A SAP consultant is a professional that can examine your organizations systems and software and tell how you can upgrade it to take advantage of the latest technology. These consultants are professionals with years of experience in IT, accounting, finance and related fields. They can devise a solution for your company that can bring in the latest software and technology at the lowest price possible.

Many companies resist software upgrades because they don’t think they are worth the hassle or the expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth, most modern accounting system upgrades, including new versions of SAP can be installed virtually. This means that all the consultant has to do is load new programs on your system and it can be entirely upgraded.

Such a transformation doesn’t have to take that long, cost that much or disrupt work. Indeed most of the employees don’t even have to know that a consultant is in the building.

The savings from switching to the latest SAP products can be tremendous. A company can reduce the time it takes to close the books each quarter by 50% and cut the cost of accounting operations by 60%.

The accounting staff can actually go home and see their families and the CEO will smile because the bottom line has been reduced. Everybody will be happy that somebody finally called in a consultant.

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Karen Simpson has been working in accounting for several years. She is familiar with most of the accounting applications and software because she has used them on the job. She has also completed an MBA.