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Monthly Archives: December 2000

Recruitment Software

Recruitment Software

ITRIS is a leading recruitment system used daily by thousands of recruiters across the world.

World class recruiters of all kinds around the globe need a world class software system to help them stay ahead in the game, and more and more are choosing Itris. Itris recruitment software is different.

It has been inspired by recruiters who understand that one of the most important aspects of building a successful recruitment brand is business development. Itris delivers the widest range of tools to help you be more proactive and successful.

ITEC Systems understand that poor support is the major reason for changing providers, so we invest upfront, at the design stage, in minimising your need for support, and in dealing with your queries speedily and efficiently when they do arise.

Itris recruitment software includes a number of advanced, but simple to use features that allow consultants, teams and businesses to configure the system to the way they want to work. Whether it’s as simple as changing languages or colours, or advanced as defining your own workflow, Itris doesn’t lock you in to one vision of recruitment practice.

Adding value to your business

Recruitment consultancies of all kinds choose Itris recruitment software because it adds value to their business. It has been designed to deliver all of your functional needs out of the box, reducing the need for time spent on configuration.

You just switch off what you don’t want to use, rather than purchasing additions which we include as standard.

Itris caters for all types of recruitment: permanent, temporary, contract, interim and headhunt, without the need for additional “modules” or databases.

Itris is built on the highly scalable SQL server platform, meaning it can grow as your business grows. And best of all, upgrades to new versions are included as standard. All of this means that Itris recruitment software is probably the most cost-effective investment you can make.


One of the biggest concerns of recruitment business owners today is security of data. Itris recruitment software includes custom security arrangements which mean that you never have to worry about your consultants having a head start in setting up their own business with your most valuable assets. Fully permissionable, you only expose functionality that consultants need to do their job. Data is held in the highly secure SQL database, and document encryption comes as standard.

Workflow Automation

Itris recruitment software is packed full with process and workflow automation, so that the repetitive day to day tasks of adding jobs, registering candidates, tracking them, shortlisting them, making placements, managing timesheets, references or compliance and all their associated administration are the fewest clicks away.

Business Development

Itris features a full range of business development tools, many of them unique, so that you can maximise the time saved through automation in the most productive way, and minimise lost opportunities as Itris anticipates them and alerts you.


As well as a comprehensive suite of reports that tell you the status of your business at any time, Itris recruitment software also includes a reports through which you can track and measure business development activities among individuals or teams against KPIs.


Itris includes a number of advanced, but simple-to-use, features that allow consultants, teams and businesses to configure the system to the way they want to work. Whether it is as simple as changing languages or colours, or advanced as defining your own workflow, Itris recruitment software doesn’t lock you in to one vision of recruitment practice.


ITRIS Recruitment Software is a Recruitment System inspired by recruiters.

(2) Why Consulting? (Is it for me?) – Consulting

This video gives a brief description of pros and cons of pursuing a career in consulting. The video may be helpful for those considering consulting as a career or those that are going through the recruiting process. Please leave feedback and ‘like’ the video if you find it useful!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Process Consulting – Understanding Consulting

Process Consulting – Understanding Consulting

Process consulting is one of the most invaluable but underused services in the field of business as more and more organizations feel that they don’t need a third party to solve their internal problems. This type of consulting is designed to enhanced group effectiveness, address conflict, and shorten meeting times. It aims to help teams to work together effectively so they can easily reach their pre-set goals.

Process consulting, when done correctly, can offer the following benefits to clients; better decisions, more productive but shorter meetings, increased participation or potency, and most importantly, greater satisfaction.

A process consultant does not intervene in a group in accomplishing its goals — that is not part of his job. He is usually called in to help groups in solving their problems with their members and concentrate on how the team works. He will come into play when there is conflict within the group that they cannot solve by themselves. An effective process consultant deeply understands conflict resolution, leadership development, and group dynamics. A process consultant is most useful during the stages of group development or when the group is either on its normative or formative stage.

When a group finds itself in conflict over values, facts, goals, and methods, the process consultant will help the group to reach a consensus over a particular conflict. This is to avoid unnecessary confrontation that can affect all the people involved.

A consultant usually does not participate in a group meeting instead, he acts as an observer. He observes group dynamics to easily figure out the various interpersonal relationships that can lead to conflict later on.

He will be allowed to participate when the group is starting to take so much time and having a hard time reaching a decision. He will ask clarifying questions and eventually, offer his feedback and observations to the group.

If you want to sink your teeth into this endeavor, these are some requirements that you need to meet. For starter, you need to have a background in small group learning and a degree in psychology. Possessing analytic skills and experience in reading body language are also helpful. It will also work to your advantage if you have relevant trainings and relevant experiences.

Although this service industry is usually being ignored by business owners, you can still succeed in this endeavor if you know how to convince those few individuals who need such services to hire you.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed a brand new free guide.

Exalt Consulting

Exalt Consulting
According to company

EXALT CONSULTING is a professional consulting company based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Exalt Consulting provides executive and mass search and recruitment consulting services to global clients. Exalt Consulting is one of the leading recruitment consultants in Bangalore. Exalt Consultants is highly ethical, professional and result oriented organization in the business of providing human sources to meet the ever growing demands of the various industry segments.

The enormous experience and the work ethics of the past had helped Exalt Consulting emerge as an agency specializing in providing with well qualifies and experienced staff to fulfill the need of the employers.

My personal review about the services offered by Exalt Consulting

Exalt consulting is in business of job consultancy from past 5 years and they have been able to make some mark in industry from last 1 year or so. They have some very reputed referral clients like: Adobe, LG, Infosys, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo and HP. Core business of company is to provide recruitment and staffing. Company is kind of more specialized in IT and IT enabled jobs. If you are looking for a job in IT industry you should definitely check Exalt Consulting. They offer training service as well.

Finding a right job for you is not that easy, you might have very good knowledge, or you are confident enough to face any kind of interview, but here take my words you should get what to deserve and sometime you simple dont know what market is now. Sometimes we keep our self very low in terms of demand. We need to know the market; we have to get insight information to know about the demand patterns. If you are a skilled IT professional and looking for a change, you can be a real gold for someone, but you have to find who is in need? Is not it.

These people from Exalt Consulting do that job so beautifully, no one even can imagine about that. They have very good personal level relations with top companies, and they know how to keep a balance between demand and supply. This is my persona experience.

Finally let me tell you about me, I am working in a Bangalore based IT company, and getting paid 3 times more what I was offered for first 6 months. Thanks to Exalt Consulting. This article is an attribute to them.
For more information on Exalt Consulting you can visit

Hi, Exalt consulting is in business of job consultancy from past 5 years. company is based in Bangalore, India.You can visit Exalt Consulting here :

Consultancy agreement, & consultancy contract

Consultancy agreement, & consultancy contract

Over the past 10-15 years the employment market had become far more flexible and an increasing number of companies now use consultants, whether for IT consultancy, management consultancy, training or specific projects. Likewise, many individuals now prefer to offer their services on a consultancy rather than employment basis.

A consulting agreement is a contract between a consultant and a client that identifies the terms and conditions related to the type of consulting services that the consultant will provide. In addition, the terms of the legal contract also includes provisions related to the responsibilities of the client, both in terms of payment and support of the consultant’s efforts. A consulting agreement may be very specific regarding the terms of the relationship, and include specific start and end dates, or be somewhat broad and open ended, depending on the wishes of the two parties involved in the legal agreement.

The reality is that when trying to commit the relationship between a consultant and a client to a written agreement, the term and the nature of the services along with the many other points that should be included have to be written with specificity.  Let us cover some, but certainly not all, of the kind of provisions that have to be so covered.

Definition of the Services

This is often the hardest part of the agreement since often the services are general in nature.  However, from the standpoint of drafting a meaningful agreement, these services must be set forth in as much detail as possible.  Without such definition, there is no way to tell whether or not the consultant has performed his or her obligations under the agreement.

Intellectual Property

It is always essential to have a clear understanding of who will own the results generated during a consulting project and to ensure that substantial and valuable background research activity and knowledge is not transferred inadvertently

Confidential Information & Publication

Confidential information (including “know-how”) can be very valuable and its use should be controlled through confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions in contracts.  In consulting contracts it is generally reasonable for the client to assume that the consultant will not publish information acquired during the course of the consultancy, either about the work itself or the client’s business interests.

Payment Schedule

Must be defined clearly in contract, otherwise it may lead to dispute.

Governing Law

Agreement must be draft in such a manner as to comply with current legislation of country concern. It is to avoid any uncertainty in the terms of the agreement. Net Lawman has drafted all its templates of consultancy agreement according to the governing law of New Zealand.


Consulting activity may produce new intellectual property and it is useful to keep a notebook detailing the work done specifically under the business consulting agreement so that it is clear what belongs to the client and what does not

Termination Provision

The reality is that many agreements do not run a smooth course for their entire duration and disputes often arise, therefore, it is advisable to include a provision of termination in Agreement.

Possible advantages of Consultancy Agreements:

• Flexibility
• Useful for bringing in specific expertise
• Possible tax saving for company using consultant
• Possible avoidance of contractual notice payments, redundancy and employment law risks and liabilities
• Independent and impartial advice

Possible disadvantages of Consultancy Agreements:

• Fees can be expensive
• Employment position not always clear cut, even if consultancy agreement signed and consultant agrees initially  they are self employed
• Tax position not clear cut

Net Lawman’s Consultancy Agreement for New Zealand

Our Consultancy Agreement template sets out the terms of the relationship between your business and the consultant. The services the consultant will provide shall be outlined in the Consultancy Agreement so that each party understands their role within the relationship. The agreement template can be fully customised to include any special needs.

Our consultancy agreement includes following important provisions:

· Consultant’s obligations

· Consultant’s status

· Consultant’s fees and expenses

· Duration and termination

· Data protection

· Insurance

· Confidentiality

· Intellectual property

· Appropriate legal provisions – warranties, exclusions, indemnities

· Explanatory guidance notes taking you through, step by step

Our Consultancy Agreement has been created by our expert team of in-house Solicitors and Barristers to ensure it is legally binding and comprehensive. All our templates are regularly updated to comply with domestic legislation of New Zealand.


Physician Assistant Staffing Services

Physician Assistant Staffing Services
Firms providing physician assistant staffing services offer exciting job openings for candidates in the field. Physician assistants (PAs) trained in the medical model, offer comprehensive physician services including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a particular medical condition, usually under the direct supervision of a physician but also independently in certain circumstances.

Importance of the Physician Assistants Responsibility

The physician assistant’s responsibility is an extensive one and also extremely rewarding. According to a survey conducted by Money Magazine and in May 2006, the profession of the physician assistant was ranked No. 5 in the listing of the best jobs in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor considers physician assistant employment to increase by 27% till 2016. With physician resident hours being shortened while the healthcare industry continues to expand, the role of the physician assistant is becoming increasingly more prominent than ever before.

The job opportunities open to them are as varied as their job profile. According to a census conducted by the AAPA (American Academy of Physician Assistants) in 2008, the physician’s office was the workplace for 56% of responding physician assistants, while hospitals employed 24% of them with the rest working in the US Department of Veteran Affairs, nursing homes, public health clinics, home healthcare agencies, prisons and schools.

Benefits of Healthcare Staffing Organizations

Physician assistant staffing services provide these institutions with skilled and qualified candidates to serve them. Offered by healthcare staffing companies, PA recruiting services select the right candidates from their vast array of applicants after assessing their skills through innovative recruitment techniques, and matching the candidates’ requirements for work atmosphere, geographical location, professional independence, salary, etc.

Healthcare staffing concerns thereby serve both parties, helping healthcare organizations cut costs and save precious resources, while providing physician assistants and other healthcare professionals rewarding job opportunities. Companies providing physician assistant staffing services put the right candidate in the right environment in order to ensure the best performance.

Healthcare Staffing Services – TheraKare is a full-service healthcare staffing firm providing complete support for those seeking physician assistant jobs, physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, and speech pathology jobs.