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We at We at NSI Healthcare Recruiters pride ourselves on the highest quality, personalized-service that medical facilities and medical job applicants alike have come to expect from us. pride ourselves on the highest quality, personalized-service that medical facilities and medical job applicants alike have come to expect from us. More »



Health Care Recruiter Saves Businesses Thousands in Recruiting Costs!


NSI Health Care Recruiters has an efficient and cost-effective system
for placing highly qualified health care personnel, saving health care
businesses highly valuable time and thousands of dollars.

In a hard hit economy, other industries have slowed down recruiting,
but the opposite is true of the health care industry. Here a continued shortage in
quality talent poses a unique challenge for health care businesses including hospitals, medical and research facilities, pharmaceutical companies to name just a few.

Recruiting the right personnel can be quite costly. Many businesses lose thousands of dollars in both time and resources in hiring the wrong applicants-those who ultimately prove to be unqualified. These and other health care businesses ready to hire would be happy to know that it does not have to be so difficult and that there is a built in savings in outsourcing this vital task to qualified healthcare recruiters. Companies can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars with NSI Health Care Recruiters, a recruiting company with over 30 years of experience in the health care industry.

Like Mercedes, Apple, NSI Health Care Recruiters, ranks as one of the most trusted and sought after reliable medical recruiting and placement agencies in the US, Canada, and UK.

Health care clients who have been staffed by this company save money with NSI Health Care Recruiter’s affordable low cost services.

NSI Health Care Recruiter’s services reduce the to find, screen, recruit, and employ highly qualified personnel, be they dentists, RNs, pharmacist, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical coders, physical therapists and others.

NSI Health Care Recruiter’s track record speaks for itself because it reflects a great passion in providing optimum results. They are so confident in the results that they offer an exclusive peace of mind guarantee. This is all because NSI Health Care has access to a largest pool of highly qualified candidates that is not accessible to others. Their careful handling of the screening process allows health care businesses to reduce the turn over risk as well as any employment litigation that may stem from improperly placed applicants.

The expert services of NSI Health Care Recruiters provide many great benefits, including reduces staffing shortages and turnover, increases morale and teamwork, improves the company’s image and goodwill, and grows the business.

Going the extra mile and well beyond the call of duty, Health Care Recruiters offers great advice to help health care businesses grow their practices and make more money through a highly informative blog. Additionally, NSI offers a free consultation on how to expand one’s health care practice without adding to the budget.